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The Mastitis Control Plan is a proven, structured, evidence-based, nationally and internationally recognised approach to mastitis prevention and control in dairy herds. It is a cost effective solution and supports both good animal welfare and the consumer image of dairy farming. The Mastitis Control Plan was originally developed with funding from the Milk Development Council, was rolled out with funding from DairyCo as the DMCP and until 2023 received financial support from AHDB Dairy and AHDB. It is now run under a subscription model and administered by QMMS Ltd and The University of Nottingham. These organisations continue to develop the technical information on which the Mastitis Control Plan is based.

cows in fieldTrained and subscribing vets and consultants, known as Plan Deliverers, use farm-specific information, gathered from milk records, clinical records and on-farm questionnaires, to identify the main factors contributing to mastitis on farm. All of this information is brought together to produce a farm-specific set of practical recommendations.

As well as providing a "Shop Window" for the Plan, this website is designed to act as a support resource for vets and consultants who deliver the Plan. Resources for Plan Deliverers, such as cost calculators, recording sheets, procedure guidelines, online reference material and promotional material can be accessed via this website.

For further information on training to be a Plan Deliverer, membership of the MCP and subscription details, please contact or Dr Katharine Leach on 01749 871171

 If you are a dairy farmer looking to locate a local Plan Deliverer who can deliver the Mastitis Control Plan on your farm, firstly speak to your vet to see if anyone in the practice is a trained and subscribing Plan Deliverer. All currently subscribing Plan Deliverers are shown on the Plan Deliverer Map on the left hand menu. Find out more about the Plan under What is the Plan?

AHDB Dairy produced a short promotional video of one farmer's experience with the DMCP. This can be viewed using the link below
DMCP Promotional Video.

The Mastitis Control Plan principles have been used as the basis of the QuarterPRO initiative, launched in 2020, which encourages regular monitoring of udder health, and provides tools and resources for farmers and their advisers to achieve this.

 Watch Prof Martin Green's webinar on the first three years of the DMCP (2009-12) online
Mastitis Control Plan with Professor Green.