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Diary of Events

Workshops and courses which are available as CPD training opportunities as part of Mastitis Control Plan Deliverer membership are listed below.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the courses scheduled for the next few months will be held on-line. Our online courses have proved highly successful so far.


The final opportunity for  'Day 1' training for new Plan Deliverers in 2020 will be Tues 8th and Thurs 10th December online - see below

For further information on membership of the DMCP and subscription details, please email or contact Katharine Leach on 01749 871171


Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th December 2020

1pm - 5pm each day. Both sessions must be attended


The course introduces the concepts and research behind the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan, which was published in peer review in 2007, before being rolled out as a national scheme in 2009. Prospective Plan Deliverers will work through the stages of making a herd diagnosis, based on mastitis and cell count records, before using the ePlan software to identify relevant control priorities, using information gathered from a farm assessment. Several herd examples will be used to illustrate the approach and time will be made for discussion of topics including marketing the Plan in your practice, communicating change and reducing antibiotic use in dairy herds.

The course is aimed at vets and consultants who wish to become registered AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan Deliverer.

Cost of course £200 + VAT. The cost may be covered by remaining CPD allocation for delegates from a Practice currently subscribing to the DMCP

For further details, contact Katharine Leach on 01749 871171, email or download a brochure.

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify as a full Plan Deliverer, delegates must subsequently subscribe to the Mastitis Control Plan and attend a second day of training.

Wednesday 9th December 2020


This course is aimed at more recent graduates and younger members of the practice team, as well as more experienced veterinary surgeons and consultants who wish to review and consolidate their knowledge around areas of bovine mastitis and its control. This course will review key concepts in mastitis epidemiology and aetiology, illustrated with examples. Diagnostics and treatment are summarised for both lactation and at drying-off, including selective dry cow therapy. Finally, key areas of control are discussed, with a focus on the management of the environment in dairy herds.

Run by Taurus CPD, this course costs £160.00 + VAT.

For registered AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan Deliverers, this course can be selected as one of your CPD training days included in the cost of your individual or practice subscription.

For further details and to book, please contact Taurus CPD on