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Welcome to the Plan Deliverer area of the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan website, part of a national mastitis initiative developed by veterinary surgeons and supported by AHDB Dairy.

If you are a veterinary surgeon or farm consultant who has attended the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan training courses and registered your details, you can log in to this section of the website to receive up to date information and gain access to full cost calculators and other materials such as decision support tools, interactive notes and a document library. All you need is your Plan Deliverer name and password to hand.

The document library contains the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan as a series of PDF downloads, allowing updates to be easily accessible, as well as printable Questionnaires, and other materials helpful in preparing a Plan. A number of electronic tools are available under Tools for Plan Deliverers. The Pattern Analysis Tool assists with highlighting the predominant mastitis infection patterns present in a herd. The Full Function Cost Calculator allows an in-depth iteration of mastitis costs as well as allowing Plan Deliverers to visualise the likely impact of implemented recommendations on the current cost of udder health in Plan herds. The High SCC Decision Support Tool allows an estimation of the likelihood of cure of a persistent intramammary infection, following treatment regimes of differing duration.

Finally, the Interactive Notes section holds topical articles with the facility for registered Plan Deliverers to post comments, encouraging discussion.

For further information on membership of the DMCP and subscription details, please contact or contact Dr Katharine Leach on 01749 871171