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The AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan is a proven, structured, evidence-based, nationwide approach to mastitis prevention and control in dairy cattle. It is a cost effective solution and supports both good animal welfare and the consumer image of dairy farming.

Trained vets and consultants, also known as Plan Deliverers, use farm-specific information, such as milk records, clinical records and on-farm questionnaires, to identify the main factors contributing to mastitis on farm. All this information is brought together to produce a farm-specific set of practical recommendations.

It is important to understand that the reduction in cows with clinical mastitis, does not happen purely because the herds were put on the AHDB Dairy Mastitis Control Plan. Compliance and a willingness to change management practices and other areas of the farm, if needed, are essential. Studies show that the greater the level of compliance with the recommendations produced by the plan, the better the effect on overall mastitis incidence.

A farmer guide to the plan and recent case studies are available to download.